How to start

Add an application and the first country to track

Thanks for trying AppRankCorner!

Add your first application.

1 Click on the "Add App" button above

2 Click on the Add button next to the app icon

3 Select your application

example : Meteo for iPad

4 You can now add a country for this application by clicking "Add Country".

Once your first country is added, your can start to fill your keywords list and your search terms to track .

Keywords List

5 Your iTunes keywords list (100 characters).

You can either copy/paste your list from your iTunes Connect Application, or create it from scratch.
It will help you to build your new list.


6 Enter your keywords or search phrase.

For exemple you can enter "birth", "pill", "control", but also "birth control pill".

Green keywords are the one listed in your keywords list.

Red keywords are the missing ones.

You can click on a keyword or phrase to open the suggestion tool.
You can click on a row to show the statistics in the right window.
Your competitors for a search term are listed bellow for iPhone/iPad.


7 Import your iTunesConnect datas. It will allow you to track your downloads, see them next to your rankings and have a detailed revenue report.

You can either download yourself the daily csv reports and upload them, or use the semi-automatic tool by entering your login, vnd number and password.
Please note that we dont keep your credentials, they are directly passed to the itunesconnect tool to download the reports.
Once processed, the csv files are deleted.

AppRankCorner needs the csv reports provided by the iTunesConnect Sales page. For security reason, we dont want to keep your iTunesConnect login and password.